Responding to
Challenging Behavior 

online course for teachers and other classroom staff
When the adults in a classroom have the skills they need to prevent and respond to challenging behavior, the result is more fun and learning - and less frustration and burnout.
A calm classroom, cooperative children, and a confident teacher
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We know that might seem like an impossible dream. Especially when your current reality includes biting, hitting, swearing, running away, spitting, throwing chairs, ignoring instructions, crawling under tables during lessons or activities...

(Hopefully when you read that list you were thinking about child behaviors, not teacher behaviors!)

Challenging behavior gets in the way of learning, and it can make you feel angry, frustrated, or defeated.
There's no magic wand, but transformation is possible
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We've helped hundreds of teachers create the classroom of their dreams, and we can help you, too.

We'll give you the tools and strategies you need to prevent challenging behavior before it starts, and respond effectively when challenging behavior does happen.

You'll have more time and energy for planning, engaging, and actually teaching. You'll feel calm, confident, and ready for whatever each day brings.
We know it works!
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Teachers who take this course consistently tell us that they experience these results:
Fewer instances of challenging behavior
Fewer children engaging in challenging behavior
Reduction in the amount of time that challenging behavior lasts
More strategies in their challenging behavior "toolkit"
More confidence in their ability to handle challenging behavior
More intentional teaching of social-emotional skills
Better teamwork when it comes to challenging behavior
Better communication with parents about challenging behavior
Better job managing their own emotions when challenging behavior occurs
Register multiple staff members
and transform behavior across your site
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This course is perfect for staff development days, PLCs, or coaching groups - let us take care of the content and planning so you can focus on other things! 
I have certainly learned a lot from this course; it's difficult to summarize, as I have learned about myself as a teacher, I've learned more about developmental stages of children, the power of working with the family to help a child who is going through a difficult time, and lots of strategies for how to work with challenging behaviors. Thank you so much for providing this course!
I have already recommended this to several of my coworkers because of the tools, resources, and research this class provides. It's awesome!
Frequently Asked Questions
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Who is this course for?
Teachers and other staff members working in early childhood and elementary school settings.
Can I get professional development credit for this course?
When you have completed all of the lessons and passed the quizzes, you will receive a certificate for 12 hours of professional development. If you need us to work with you to make sure that the course is eligible for credit from your state or organization, we're happy to do that.
Do I need to set aside a specific time of day for the course?
Some people find that it is easier to set aside a specific time for working on the lessons, but you can work on the course at any time that is convenient for you.
How long do I have access?
After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the content for as long as you like.
So beyond helpful, it was engaging, easy to follow, and I really appreciate the handouts.
Wow, I can't decide what was most valuable! The whole course was amazing!
I understand now that I can respond to challenging behaviors in many different ways and I have a very full toolbox to use.
Even though I don't have challenging behaviors in my classroom, I gained so much from this course. I am working on adding more real choice for the students into my class. Also, I had never heard of positive descriptive feedback and I love it! My EA and I are working on using that rather than the traditional feedback. I do feel more confident as a teacher and I feel more confident as a mentor for my co-worker. I will also present some of these ideas to my parents. All of my students have IEP's and so many of these techniques will be helpful for the parents in understanding why their child acts the way they do. 
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